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Molnr-Institute for applied chromatography
DryLab 25th AnniversaryMolnr-Institute for applied chromatography is the home of DryLab software for state-of-the-art HPLC method development, HPLC courses, and consultation in HPLC method design. Our work draws on 30 years of experience and a deep foundation of knowledge from pioneering analytical chemists in the development of the theory and practice of HPLC.

We offer:

With software solutions such as DryLab and PeakMatch, we provide the most advanced approach to HPLC method development available. More

HPLC Method Design Consulting Services
We support companies worldwide in designing and optimizing HPLC methods. More

HPLC Courses
Molnar-Institute presents a series of courses that provide a solid understanding of HPLC mechanisms and teach a systematic approach to developing robust and reliable methods. More

Learn more about the power of DryLab to quickly optimize experimental conditions

DryLab chromatogram

This animation shows how a change in the pH of eluent A from 2.9 to 4.1 can produce selectivity changes for acidic and basic compounds. Acids (black) move with increasing pH to lower retention times, and basic compounds (red) move to higher retention times. The last peak is a neutral compound.

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